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Living A Relaxed Attitude


Monday, February 18, 2013

I remember when I saw this scripture Proverbs 14:30a "A relaxed attitude lengthens life. With all the hustle and bustle of the can get really hectic at times. We have our daily routines...constantly striving to be better and manage to squeeze in one more thing before the end of the day. There was a survey that was taken several years ago for senior citizens. One of the questions that were asked where if you were young again, what would you do differently. I remember the response of one of the seniors. He said that he worked very hard for his family, so he was in the office all the time and worked long nights. In the twilight years of his life he said the last thing he wanted to think about was those office walls, and the first thing he wanted to think about was his family. He said he would have worked less and enjoyed his family more. Because really that is what is most important in the end. So I challenge you just slow down a bit. Don't get stressed out, depressed, or frustrated with all you want to accomplish. Although it is important to pursue being better make sure you enjoy all the birthday parties with your family. Go on a vacation with your friends. Receive all the love that is given to you and give all the love you can give. Give all your cares to God and trust that He is working it all out for you. Just enjoy life and will even live a longer life when you do. :) Your "goal girl" [e].

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