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Insanity Challege....the Infamous Right Ankle


Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello, Ladies....As you guys know I completed the Insanity Challenge awhile back....if you want to read about my journey read "My Insanity Challenge". But I wanted to talk about this particular challenge and the potential injuries that can occur. Now, before I did this challenge, I considered myself in pretty good condition. I was used to doing Jillian Michaels workouts, which I thought were pretty challenging as well as a variety of other videos. So I thought I should do well with Insanity. One word of caution. The moves in the videos are very quick and you have to make sure you have good posture and form for each move or else you could potentially harm yourself. I would say within the first few days I noticed that during the warm up my right ankle would hurt. I thought I will not be able to go for the full duration of the 8 weeks challenge with this type of pain. At first I thought it was my gym shoes, so I went out and purchased a new pair of shoes. But the pain still occured. Then I made sure to pull the laces in tight on the shoes to give me more support. Yet, the pain still happened. The last thing I tried, before having to throw in the towel was I made sure to wrap my ankle before each workout to give it some extra support. Once I did this, I was okay to complete the challenge. I recently asked two women that were doing the Insanity challenge and they both said they stopped. Can you guess the reason why? Both ladies said that there right ankle was hurting them. So a word of caution, please make sure to give your ankles some extra support. Because as a "goal girl" I want you to finish your goal all the way through. :)

Your "goal girl"


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