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Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Do Something".....these words were on a bracelet that I was given at a financial conference at my church by my loving Pastor and it was awesome. It was extremely productive and a wonderful investment for my life. I learned about finances of course, but I understood in a greater way how to grow those finances in practical ways. I also learned a wealth of knowledge in regards to relationships, breaking poverty mentality, getting a will, trusts and how to reduce debt. We also were given a huge package by one of our guest speakers Garret Gunderson that will further prepare me for my future. I have so many goals and ambitions that I have had in my heart for several years and I will finally be able to make those things happen this year in 2013 with everything that I learned at the conference. I finally will see "new things" happen in my life by "doing something" about it. Is your life in order? Start now by cleaning up all the areas in your life that have been in disarray for years. You have the ability to do something to change the direction of your life. Start today!

Your "goal girl"


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