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Insanity Round 2 (2 years later)


Saturday, July 20, 2013

I did Insanity for the first time on June 23, 2011. It was tough, but at the end, I am really happy I did it and how my endurance was out the roof. Now, what possessed me to do this again, I don't know. I needed another challenge and so I just pulled out the Insanity fit test yesterday and wrote down my results.

insanity workout, insanity challenge, insanity fitness, insanity, goal, www.ugoalgirl.blogspot.comNot bad after two years:
Switch kicks: 39 (2 kicks =1)
Power Jacks: 50
Power Knees: 116
Power Jumps: 26
Globe Jumps: 8 (still kicks my butt)
Suicide Jumps: 18
Push-up Jacks: 15
Low Plank Oblique: 48

I did Plyometric Cardio Circuit today and it felt great. Still a challenge too! The cool thing about doing Insanity now is that my body remembers alot of the moves. I am not as fatigued either. Now, it is still a tough workout, but my endurance is still pretty good. Throughout the last two years I would pull out an Insanity video here and there and mix into my regular workout videos. But now, I am ready to do it for the full 63 program. I also want to do Insanity for 5 days a week instead of that means I will have to double up one of the days and do two workouts in one day. So far that's the goal, but I will adjust to 6 days if I need to along the way. I will just enjoy myself. It feels good to be back in the swing of things. Maybe I will even post before and after shots. Now that will be a big, out of my comfort zone goal...haha. I will keep you posted on my Insanity Round 2 progress along the way.

Your "goal girl"