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Push Up Challenge....Broke My Plateau!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ladies...I have been working towards my 100 consecutive man push-ups for several months now. I am still moving towards to it! I had been kind of discouraged, because I had only made it to 40 push-ups. My friends still said that was a great accomplishment. But then it happened last week. I made it to 42 push-ups!!! Woohoo!! :) Much closer to 100! I believe I broke the plateau because I stopped putting so much pressure on myself to break the 40 mark. So now, I am on to 45 push-ups. Hopefully, I will make it this week...but no pressure. :)

Your "goal girl",


A Spiritual Assignment.....Make a Cake


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nordicware Heritage Bundt Pan
As many of you know and those that don't my mother is a fantastic baker. I have been privileged to be able to eat so many great desserts all my life, especially cakes. You name it, my mom has probably made it....and most importantly I would have eaten it. :) I thought to myself a few months ago I have never made a cake........well the Lord must have heard that thought because that all changed for me one Sunday morning at church.

My Pastor was speaking that day and asked the ladies, who has made a cake raise your hand. Then he asked those who have not, raise your hand. Well it was at that moment Pastor Robb stood directly in front of my parents in the front row and my sister Tina and I were two rows almost directly behind them and saw our hands raised saying we had never made a cake. I had a
Heritage Nordicware Bundt Panfeeling this was about to get me into trouble...haha. Needless to say my Pastor gave my sister and I an assignment. In fact, these were his exact words...."I’m going to give you an assignment. This is a spiritual assignment. I want you to make a cake. I want you to bring it to me. We are going to display them in front of people." Oh....great was my first thoughts, but I went to fulfill the assignment. Since, I could not ask for my mom's help, I was doing a lot of praying to God to show me what to do. I also had people praying for me and giving me support along the way.
The first thing I thought about was I wanted to make a Cherry Cream Cheese Pound Cake. I am usually not a big cake person, but when my mom would make this cake, I enjoyed it so much. :) I went out and got ingredients for a box pound cake, until I realized that it needed to be from scratch. So I began my search for a good cherry cream cheese pound cake recipe online, which I found in faith. I then wanted to make sure my cake would be unique. Those that know me know that I can't have anything look like anyone elses. Then I found a pan that I just had to have. I ordered it to arrive in just two days!  

Then it was a the big day....actually make the cake. I was so nervous. I even called to get prayer before starting. My goal was to make at least two cakes. One tester cake on Friday and then the final cake Saturday. The end result was three cakes, which all came out great....surprisingly. :) The cake was moist and had a great taste. I did complete the assignment and brought it to Pastor Robb that following Sunday. He said it was a nice looking cake. He said he would taste it too. I also let me mom try the cake and to look at my efforts. She said I did a good job and she said it tasted pretty good too. Then she gave me her Cherry Cream Cheese Cake recipe. Yeah! So I will definitely give it a try! All the pictures throughout this post are from my very first cake. It came out of the pan easy and I made a few modifications to the recipe that people really enjoyed. I actually had two requests for my recipe! So in the end, I am happy I was given a "spiritual assignment" to make a cake. It taught me that not only could I do it, but I am also pretty good at it. So on to another dessert goal, a huge cupcake...and many more.

Your "Goal Girl"