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February Goals In Review


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Okay....ladies. I had alot of goals for the month of February.

1. Write down everyday something I am thankful for.
2. Fast for the month of February.
3. Do 100 consecutive push ups.
4. Continue reading my bible plan to complete the bible in 1 year.
5. Right a post each day on my blog.

So for the most part I was pretty consistent with all the above goals. I was distracted for a part of the month due to some new things happening in my life :) as well as dealing with some symptoms in my body. At times I did get off track, but kept moving forward.

My push up challenge I got up to 40 total. But I am still going towards my goal of 100 consecutive push ups. I am proud of all my efforts this month and excited about what I will be doing in March. I will keep moving forward.

Your "goal girl"


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