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The Art of Negotiation


Saturday, February 16, 2013

I remember taking a class called the Gabriel Call several years ago. It taught us different skills on how to be a successful business owner. I remember hearing the term "The Art of Negotiation". Peter Daniels a billionaire was speaking about some of the techniques he has used when it comes to negotiation. He said that when you have cash that you have more power to negotiate. I also learned that if you talk to one person and they don't give you the answer you need, always try again and talk to another person. Well I just used this technique when it came to my current cell phone bill. I got a new phone in November of last year. It only cost me $0.99 less than a buck! Which was a great deal....considering it was over $600.00 phone. But the bad part was that it increased my bill over $100.00, when my bill was $82.00. I called last week to see if I could get a better deal, especially since I have been with my cell phone provider for over 9 years. But the best that representative could give me was $93.00. I asked her could she get it down into the $80's. She said no...this is the best she could do. I told her I will think about it and hung up. I then called back this week and spoke to another customer service rep and to make a long story short....we got the bill down to $69.50 and that is including tax! So the next time you go to the store, buy a car, or need a better phone plan :)....don't take what is given to you up front....try, try, try again. You will get a better deal. Your "goal girl" [e].

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