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Don't Run Away.....Cast Away


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Everyday we get bombarded with a new set of challenges. We have a complete list of cares that will attempt to suck all the life out of our day and cause us to want to be worried and anxious. We think about the care of our aging parents, the bills that are due, and the mere fact you wake up one day older to ask "what am I doing with my life?" can bring anxiety. For me, sometimes I can wake up and feel so much pressure of the day that I just want to close my eyes and go back to sleep. But I have learned that I can't run away, but to cast away all my cares to God. The scripture that I have stood on regards to casting my cares is found in 1 Peter 5:7: Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you" (NLT) Yesterday, I learned just how far I have come in regards to casting my cares. I am a business owner and I was asked to quote on a project for a client. Normally my vendor is extremely competitve and I usually get the job. But this particular quote was almost double what the client paid last year. Ouch....not good. So I went back and told the client you will need to go back to your original vendor because I cannot beat the price. But due to lack of time, they need my help, so the job was put in my lap. In the past, this would have freaked me out. I would have went into a panic attack, cried, talked to whole lot of people to get some counsel, get into a lot of fear basically. But this time, I just casted my care. I didn't take it. I just gave it to God. I saw this scripture work in my life. Not once did I get fearful, anxious, or worry about the situation. I trusted God to help me. My day was so peaceful, and even though I don't have a new vendor, I know that God is going to show me what to do. Now, I wish I could say that some days that care doesn't take over my life, more than I wish it should, but not this day. I gave my cares to the Lord. So today's challenge: if you are feeling stressed, want to run away, remember to cast away all the cares to God and receive His love and help.

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