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Workout As Easy As 5-4-3-2-1!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ladies....I really enjoy working out, but sometimes my favorite TV show is on when I am ready to workout. Since I wanted to kill two birds with one stone, I googled and found this fantastic workout called the "5-4-3-2-1 At-Home Circuit Workout found here: This is a 15 minute workout, but don't let the small amount of time fool you that it will be easy. It kicked my butt! As many of you know I love challenges and I thought, hey this will be a breeze. It got my heart pounding and breathing heavy right in the beginning of the workout.

Here is the is broken down into 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes...etc. Again from


5 minutes: 

You can do anything: walk, run, jump rope, elliptical,
If you’re at home

1 min high knees
1 min jumping jacks
1 min front kicks
1 min jumping jacks
1 min run in place

4 minutes:
1 minute walking lunges (or alternating regular lunges)
1 minute mountain climbers
repeat for 4 minutes 

3 minutes:
10 pushups / rest
15 triceps dips / rest
(Optional 15 downward dog push ups/rest)
repeat for 3 minutes

2 minutes:
30 seconds regular squats
30 seconds jump squats
30 seconds regular squats
30 seconds jump squats

1 minute

The whole workout should take about 15 minutes; intermediate repeat for a total of 2 times through; advanced repeat for a total of 3 times through


I have already done this workout over 4x's. I love it! It is pretty intense....I have even added doing downward dog push ups during the 3 minute interval...I did 10 regular pushups,15 tricep dips, then 15 downward dog push ups then repeat. The workout is a challenge, but it feels so good when you finish. And remember it is only for 15 it won't take long. :)

This workout is also great if your on vacation, since you don't need anything but yourself!

Today's challenge: do some kind of exercise. Even while watching your favorite TV show of course! Works for me....haha.

Talk to you soon!

Your "goal girl"



Dust Yourself Off and Get Back Up Again


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Well it's been awhile since my last post. I have been still accomplishing many goals, which I will post in the days to come. My little 9 year old nephew passed away unexpectedly and that kind of threw off my goals for a bit, but I am back at them. It was about a month and a half ago today that my nephew passed away. I also needed to rethink why I even wrote this blog and wondered did anyone even care that I make goals and do them. That was until today. I had an opportunity to talk to a wonderful girl named Jessica. I started describing all the goals that I do, whether baking a cake for the first time, attempt to do 100 pushups (which I am still trying to do), or choosing a career path. By talking to her I was revived again as to why I write my blog. And she was inspired to start working out again. My blog is to share my goals which in turn will help and inspire other girls to accomplish their goals. You may think to yourself, I have tried and tried to do _________________ (fill in the blank), but failed. Your blank can be to write your first book, lose 100 pounds, run your first marathon, bake a cake, go on a vacation to Italy....the list is endless, but the important thing is you can have your fill in the blank and accomplish it.  Doesn't matter if you failed over and over again. Just get back up and try again. When I was sharing with Jessica today I told her that I had failed when I first attempted to do my first 30 Day Challenge doing Jillian Michaels videos. I would say within the first week, I pulled my left thigh muscle and I had to stop doing the videos. Several months later I attempted again and finished it all the way through. As ladies, alot of times we will sabatoge ourselves if we fail at our first attempt at a goal instead of celebrating what we did do. Celebrate if you lost 1 pound, even though you are going for 10. It is still a success at the 1 pound. Celebrate yourself and know that your attempt at the goal is what is exciting and to enjoy the journey along the way.

Today's challege: figure out your "fill in the blank" and evaluate and make steps to accomplish your goal. Whatever the goal, don't make it unattainable, but start small and work your way up. If you are not used to working out, do not say I am going to work out 5 days this week. You are setting yourself up to fail, but choose to start with just 2 days at 10 minutes and stay consistent at that, then build yourself up to 3, then 4, then to a 5 day workout week. Hope you are inspired to go after your goal again. You can do it.

Off the subject, I did stop doing my second round of Insanity. Maybe sometime down the road I will attempt again. Have other goals that are more important at this time in my life.

See you tomorrow.

Your "goal girl"