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Picture Frame....Make a Decision Already


Saturday, June 22, 2013

My assignment...find a picture frame. Sounds simple,  right? But on the contrary. It was an all day adventure that the Lord ended up teaching me a lesson on how this applied to my life. So it all began one beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I went into Hobby Lobby to get a picture frame for a project I was working on. I go to the back of the store and there they were...the wall of frames. Now I had come a previous day and took pictures of the frames so I figured I should be in and out of the store. But I go. I go up and down the aisles as if something is going to be different from a couple of days before. I scrutinized every frame....down to the detail, paint, name it...I saw it. And if I found a framed a liked....I looked through every frame to make sure I had the best one out of the design. But nope, not good enough.

A lady walks up after I stood there for at least 30 minutes at this point looking at one of the frames. She picks up two of the frames I was looking at and walks away. She did not scrutinize or look at it with a fine tooth comb..nope she made a decision and kept moving. So at this point.....I just made a decision and picked a frame and went to the front. Well the frame I choose had damage on the right corner. So I had to go back to the "wall of frames" and choose another one. I believe after another 30 or so minutes I choose another frame. Well the Lord taught me a lesson through all this......make a decision already! He said my life will pass me by making sure everything is perfect before making a decision while others will make a decision and keep moving forward. And if they make a wrong one, will adjust and make a another decision and do it correctly. The moral of the story is: in order to be an effective "u goal girl" you must make effective, quality decisions. If you wait for perfect conditions before making a will pass you by and you will be jealous of those that had the courage to make theirs. Keep moving forward in your decision making process. You can do it.

Your "u goal girl",


Revamped Vision of the 100 Push Ups Goal


Tuesday, June 18, 2013 it's been awhile that I have gone after my 100 push up goal challenge. Let me be honest, I got discouraged because it seemed like I may not obtain the goal. But a couple of my friends thought it would be a good idea to let people know that I had run into a brick wall with my goal. The idea of the push up challenge seemed like an impossible feat once I reached 42 push ups. It was so hard just to make it to that, I couldn't imagine trying to make it to 100. But I realized just because it gets difficult does not mean you give up. I revamped my strategy. I looked at a video of a girl that has accomplished 100 push ups. This chick is awesome:

She actually boosted my vision to want to accomplish my goal and I went to a website that helps you accomplish the 100 push ups in seven weeks.

Check it out: The strategy on this site is have you do a fit test to see how many you can do initially, then they give you a plan in order to accomplish your push up goals. Well my fit test I did pretty good, I was able to bypass the first two weeks and start on week three. I started today. They have you do 5 different sets for my level. It was broken down like this: Set 1: 10 push ups, Set 2: 12 push ups, Set 3 & 4: 7 push ups, and Set 5: 9 push ups, after each set you rest 60 seconds. I accomplished the first day test which equalled 45 total. Although not consecutive, this is a plan towards my goal, which I'm excited about. They want you to do it 3 times a week, with each day during the week, the push ups increase for each set. So I have a renewed vision and well on my way to my push up goal.

U Goal Girl Challenge: If you have reached a plateau and it seems like you are stuck at the same place, try something different and/or talk to someone that is doing something you would like to accomplish. They may give you a different perspective and you can see the finish line of the goal.

Talk to you soon,

Your "Goal Girl"