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February Goals


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Okay...ladies. I did 30 push ups today..woohoo! Now it was difficult, but I still did it. On my way to 100 by the end of February. Now we have a new month ahead of us. Starts tomorrow. What's your goals going to be? Your "goal girl" [e].

You Are A Goal Oriented Person


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh...before I begin this post, just want to let you know that I completed 25 consecutive man push ups today!! Woohoo. Now I only need to work my way up to 100 by the end of February...haha. Anyway, I was talking to one of my older sisters today about goals. I told her that we are all goal oriented whether we want to admit it or not. She said, well I can never finish a book and I don't finish things that I start. I said, that's not true. I said when you wanted to lose weight...even though you didn't write it down you mentally had a goal and lost almost 100 pounds! I also said, you also did that in the way of your health. Mentally, you choose not give up and continue to fight. The goal to be well. I was so proud of her today when I saw a text message about goals that she completed just yesterday after our talk. We are all completing goals on a daily basis such as: watch a favorite tv show, workout, clean the house, wash your hair, do a good job at work, read your bible, spend time with God...etc. The list could go on and on. So here is your challenge for today: write down goals that were hard to complete before, and maybe...just maybe having this perspective you will be able to complete them. Your "goal girl" [e].

100 Consecutive Push Ups Goal


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have been wanting to do 100 consecutive man push ups goal for several months now. I saw a friend of mine on facebook and he did 100 push ups everyday for 30 days. I was so impressed by this goal and knowing me always up for a challenge wanted to at least make my way up to do 100 push ups straight by the end of February. I can currently do 20 straight, which I did today! :) Well I posted today on my facebook page saying I wanted to do this goal and the response has been extremely supportive and encouraging. So make sure to check back often to see my progress. I will make sure to mention it in the blogs to come. This is how I propose to do this challenge, with the suggestion of one of my facebook supporters..haha. I will add 3 additional pushups from the day before. So tomorrow I will do 23 push ups, Thursday 26 and so on.....this is the plan. And if I have to make adjustments I will. I'm giving it my best shot. And for those that say..."Um, I can't even do 1 push up". No problem...start where you are and try to do at least one man push up by the end of February. When the Lord put it on my heart in 2009 to start working out I could not do a man push up. I learned how to do them when I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. The point is I had to start with barely being able to do one push up and three years later I want to do a crazy challenge like 100 push ups. You can do it! Your "goal girl" [e].

Create Your Own Breakthrough


Monday, January 28, 2013

Just a may need to get some tissues for today's blog post. Well as I pondered about what I was going to write today I came across this video and I want you to take a look at it. Please view it before you continue reading.

During the video I must have cried and cried and cried. It really touched my heart for many reasons. I had thought about all the areas in my life that it seemed like I failed, but I kept getting back up again. I see although the process was painful just like the guy on the video...I have grown tremendously in every area of my life. I was talking to a friend this past Saturday. I have been at my job for several years, with no hopes of a promotion or increase in salary. She said to me....well Ericka create your own breakthrough. She said I believe alot of your frustrations will go away when you get a new job and recognize your worth. When I watched the video they told him he would never walk again and he was overweight. But he beat all the odds. There was one part of the video when he said I might not be able to do it today, but someday I WILL. And he DID!!!! His goal has inspired millions of people. Do you have a goal in your heart that it seems impossible to accomplish. Well I encourage you to push past the pain, fear, and disappointments, because on the other side you will be happy you did! You never know your goal may inspire millions. :) See you tomorrow. [e].

Be Encouraged.....Be Thankful


Sunday, January 27, 2013

I feel like I can be myself here on "U Goal Girl" here I go again with being transparent...haha. Have you ever wondered to yourself...I thought I would be somewhere different by this time in my life? Maybe you thought I should have at least been married, had some kids, career (that you love! :), wonderful relationships, you know...the dream life. Whatever your dream life may look like....that's how I would describe mine. But then you look around and you don't see what you initially envisioned. Well I have felt like that myself. At the beginning of this year the Lord had placed it on my heart to write "Everyday Thank You Notes To The Lord". I have a I opened an app and I created a note page. Every single day since Dec 31st I go in and write down something that the Lord did for me that day. Whether he gave me wisdom at work and redeemed my time....down to finding my lost pair of earrings! I thank God everyday, no matter how I feel, whether it was a good day or bad day....there is always something I can thank God for. Sometimes I have many things to write down that He did. I began to get excited and anticipate what He was going to do the next day, because of what He did all the other days. By doing this daily goal I realize not only have I become more thankful, but I can actually see what God does in my life every single day. He has never left me or forsaken me. Now that does not mean that I don't have days of feeling discouraged, or I don't feel like what it is my heart is never going to happen. But when I open up my "thank you notes list" I am reminded of His goodness and faithfulness in my life. So if you are feeling down begin to write down at least one thing you can be thankful for. When you start looking at what He has done and what He is currently doing, you will have no problem believing what He is going to do in your future. In Jeremiah 29:11 the Bible says, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Remember He loves you and it is all about His perfect timing....because He already has the plan. Be thankful. [e].

Calender = least for me


Saturday, January 26, 2013

When I started my first 30 day challenge in 2009 I began to use the calender to track my progress. Everyday I would weigh in and write down how much I weigh on the calender. It was something that I would look forward to doing. It kept me accountable for my weight and if I gained a pound or two I knew I would need to change something in my diet. I would also write down the workout I completed that day as well. I also created weigh in days on Monday. I would measure my chest, waist, hips, thighs, and arms. It helped me to not eat as much on Sunday, because I wanted a good weigh in on Monday. Another thing that I incorporated on the calender was when I spent time with God, if I prayed and confessed the Word. I would notice if I felt sad, frustrated, and discouraged I would take a look at the calender. If it showed I had not spent anytime with God for a week, I recognized why I felt so defeated in my thoughts. I also noticed that I would have weight gain during these times away from the Lord. So this daily goal setting keeps me focused and on track. I do all these things to this day. It has become a way of life for me. Hopefully, it will help you as well. [e].

Fasting 2013 Goal


Friday, January 25, 2013

Well, it is the month of January and it's almost over. At my church we were encouraged to fast for the month and expect God to do great things in our life. Since I have been fasting I have noticed God bringing me clarity in areas that I always seem to struggle with. Feeling rejected has been an area of frustration and sadness....but I have learned to combat those thoughts with the Word of God through the years. My Pastor spoke about fasting at Wednesday night service. He said that when you fast that you are able to get strong and overcome those areas that have controlled you. I can now recognize when wrong thoughts come to me and I thank God for helping me and I say the Word of God against it. Why am I talking about fasting on a goal oriented site? Well I see that this month of fasting has helped me tremendously and I propose a challenge for us. What about doing a fast every month. Something you can give up so you can become closer to God for the rest of the year in 2013. I am going to do it...hopefully you will jump in. Until we meet again.....[e].

Mix It Up Month...A New Goal


Thursday, January 24, 2013

I don't know about you, but I can get easily bored if I do the same kind of workouts over and over again. That is why I am always creating new goals for challenges that will excite me to workout and continue to be better. This also applies to other areas in my life which you will see throughout the next few weeks in my blog. In November, I did Jillian Michaels, Ripped in 30. It was a lot of fun and it was something new. I saw alot of results, but ready again for something different. Right now money was kind of I didn't want to purchase a new DVD so I decided to do a challenge I made up last week and it's called...."Mix It Up Month" and I started on Monday, January 14th and I have a little over two weeks left to go. With this challenge, I took all the workout DVD's I currently own and do one workout from one of the DVD's for 5 days straight. This is my current week of workouts: Monday (Chalene Johnson,Cardio Party), Tuesday (Jillian Michaels, 30 Day Shred Level 2), Wednesday (Jillian Michaels, Ripped in Thirty Level 2), Thursday (Sean T's, Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit), and tomorrow (Leandro Carvalho, Brazillian Butt Lift Cardio Axe and Upper Cuts). But each week I pick a new workout from one of those DVD's. Now I feel like I am doing something different and fun even though it is what I already have. I challenge you to create a goal of working out with the DVD's you already own. And if you don't like everything you own...go to your local library. This is a great place to go to find out about workout DVD's before you purchase them. Before I purchased Jillian Michael's, Ripped in Thirty, I checked it out from the library and found out I really liked it. I got to keep it for three weeks....that's 21 days...that's a great start for any goal. I mentioned earlier I have a little over two weeks left. Won't you jump in with me for the next two weeks. Start Monday! Till next time......your "goal girl", [e].

How It All Began.......Part II


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The first day I was so excited and pumped. I decided everyday that I worked out to post it on Facebook. Another form of accountability. Little did I know this would be a great support for me in the end. I also sensed accomplishment by posting and that I could go on. After the third day, my legs were very sore, I had to massage them for about thirty to forty five minutes before the pain would go away. But I did not let that stop me. This also happened other times during the thirty days. I made sure to eat correctly, I even fasted sweets and watched the fried foods that I ate. Every day of the challenge I pressed forward, even if I did not want to workout, I looked passed my feelings and looked at the end result. This challenge was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done so far in my life. The videos were extremely hard and they took great effort to finish them at least at that time. But as I began to count the days down, I began to see the results that I had always wanted to see for so many years. Toned arms, stomach, legs. I looked slim in my clothes, and I began to really like myself and who God created me to be. I was able to bless someone with my whole wardrobe. On the last few days of the challenge I decided I was going to pick the hardest videos and finish the challenge strong. I had come to final day. Final video. I remember starting the video with so much excitement that I was on the final day. I couldn’t believe it. I had made it. I worked out hard and with everything that I had. I remember it was right before the cool down and I had finished the last jump. Then Jillian said now it’s time for the cool down. I started to cry. I cried so hard I couldn’t even see, I could barely finish the cool down. All I wanted to do was worship God. I remember asking myself, what in the world are you crying about, it was just a workout, but no it wasn’t, it was so much more. This is what I learned. As I reflected on my thirty days I learned the following. Whenever God tells you to do anything in life He will give you the grace to complete it, no matter how hard it may seem. I learned to be disciplined in every area of my life and how to make myself accountable. I learned to finish whatever God has told you to do strong and give every effort to complete it. I learned how to have to eat correctly, and eat the things I enjoyed in moderation. I learned obedience. I learned endurance and strength. I learned how to trust God more and not my feelings. I learned that even though God can tell you to do something impossible, with Him it will become possible. And I learned how to walk at a higher level of excellence in my walk with God and let it overflow into every area of my life. So while, this started out to be about losing weight, I have gained so many principles and the freedom to walk them out. Thank you God.

How It All Began.......Part I


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It was the fall of 2009 when I believe God began speaking to me about losing weight. I had been told earlier in the year in March that I was in a season of preparation for marriage. So to lose the weight would be apart of that preparation. God told me to get down to a certain weight that I had not been since high school, which seemed impossible at first. When He first told me to lose the weight, He told me that my husband would enjoy me at that size. Well little did I know by obeying God in the area of my health, that it would turn into so much more than losing weight, I would gain so much more freedom for my life. The Lord was very clear when I was to start losing weight………the day after my birthday, on September 28, 2009. Everyday He would have me document on a calender the weight I was that day and once a week do my measurements and an official weigh in. This kept me accountable each week and looking forward to seeing my overall progress. By documenting on the calendar my physical health each day, I also began making my spiritual health a priority as well. Each day I would also write down when I spent time with God, prayed in the Spirit and confessed the Word. This began to give me a spiritual thermometer for my spiritual health. He then began to teach me how to eat. I learned to implement tons of fiber into my diet, drink plenty of water, learned to enjoy fruits and vegetables. He also showed me how to enjoy the things I liked, but in moderation. He would say, “Ericka, if you want ice cream, eat with a smaller spoon, a smaller bowl, and put your serving in there, then when you eat it, you will feel satisfied and feel like you had a nice portion. Now when He told me to lose the weight initially, I thought, oh this shouldn’t take that long……when I was in my twenties all I had to do was just watch what I ate for a few days and the weight would come off, but now being in my early thirties, I understand why He had me start when He did. It is now December and I am down 5 pounds and 41/2 inches down. Not what I expected. I thought I would be much further along. I thought that I would have lost the weight by November 16, 2009. I thought surely that would have been enough time, but it was not. I promised myself that I would keep going until I lost the weight God told me to lose no matter what. Yes there were times when I would get discouraged, but if God told me to lose the weight, He would be the one to help me get there. It was in December that I wanted to do the 30 Day Challenge with Jillian Michaels. She is a fitness trainer of the hit tv show, “The Biggest Loser”. I had heard if you did her video called “30 Day Shred” thirty days straight that you could lose up to 20 pounds in a month. Well I started in December, but was injured by the second week. But again, I did not let that stop me from my goal. Once I recovered I began working out again about a week later. I kept going and I finally reached my goal weight on February 1st, 2010. I was so excited. I was down two dress sizes and twelve pounds. But when I looked at myself in the mirror, although I was very happy, I still wanted too see some more improvements, so I decided by June I wanted to have a more cut and toned body and lose an additional ten pounds. It was April 22 at the time. I said I will start in May 1st, but God told me to start on that Monday, April 26, 2010 and do the 30 day challenge. Which is something I created do any three Jillian Michael’s videos for thirty days straight. Although I did not succeed the first time I attempted this, I knew I would complete this goal, because God told me and He would give me the grace to complete it. Tomorrow I will post the don't want to miss it. [e].

Here We "Goal" Again!


Monday, January 21, 2013

I began a blog like this over two years ago. This is the second one I created. So, it's been a long time, but I plan to be consistent because I have alot of things I would like to share. Completing goals has alot to do with being consistent. I remember one time I went up to my Pastor (Pastor Robb) and told him that I have trouble being consistent. He said to me...."Well, that's not true!" He then asked me, "do you take a shower everyday?", "brush your teeth?", "go to work?", "go to church?" I said "yes". He said, "so it's not that you are not consistent, but you are." If you have said to yourself that you can't spend time with God everyday, I can't workout 3-5 times a week, finish a book, lose those last 5 pesky pounds, or whatever excuse you have of why you can't be consistent to ultimately complete a goal, I am hear to say that it is not true. You have the ability to complete any goal you desire to accomplish and others are here to cheer you on to finish. It is my desire through this blog that you will see some of the things that I have done in my life and that I currently do in order to accomplish my goals. I also want this to be a place where you will be able to post your goals and as "U Goal Girl" Community we can help each other complete our goals through encouragement, testimony, and practical steps to get to where we ultimately want to be. The funny thing of how God helped me with completing goals first began in the area of fitness and losing weight. I have a whole story behind how God helped me in my physical life and how it has spread throughout my whole life. I will share that stay tuned. [e]. :)