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Create Your Own Breakthrough


Monday, January 28, 2013

Just a may need to get some tissues for today's blog post. Well as I pondered about what I was going to write today I came across this video and I want you to take a look at it. Please view it before you continue reading.

During the video I must have cried and cried and cried. It really touched my heart for many reasons. I had thought about all the areas in my life that it seemed like I failed, but I kept getting back up again. I see although the process was painful just like the guy on the video...I have grown tremendously in every area of my life. I was talking to a friend this past Saturday. I have been at my job for several years, with no hopes of a promotion or increase in salary. She said to me....well Ericka create your own breakthrough. She said I believe alot of your frustrations will go away when you get a new job and recognize your worth. When I watched the video they told him he would never walk again and he was overweight. But he beat all the odds. There was one part of the video when he said I might not be able to do it today, but someday I WILL. And he DID!!!! His goal has inspired millions of people. Do you have a goal in your heart that it seems impossible to accomplish. Well I encourage you to push past the pain, fear, and disappointments, because on the other side you will be happy you did! You never know your goal may inspire millions. :) See you tomorrow. [e].


  1. OH MY GOSH ERICKA!! not only did the video MAKE ME CRY, but it also encouraged me on my own weight loss journey and my balance and walking. i don't remember how you said you found this but, THIS IS A GOOD ONE to have on your webpage!!
    love you girl,

  2. I am so happy it encouraged you! You are well on your way to accomplishing your goals Diana.


    your "goal girl"