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Revamped Vision of the 100 Push Ups Goal


Tuesday, June 18, 2013 it's been awhile that I have gone after my 100 push up goal challenge. Let me be honest, I got discouraged because it seemed like I may not obtain the goal. But a couple of my friends thought it would be a good idea to let people know that I had run into a brick wall with my goal. The idea of the push up challenge seemed like an impossible feat once I reached 42 push ups. It was so hard just to make it to that, I couldn't imagine trying to make it to 100. But I realized just because it gets difficult does not mean you give up. I revamped my strategy. I looked at a video of a girl that has accomplished 100 push ups. This chick is awesome:

She actually boosted my vision to want to accomplish my goal and I went to a website that helps you accomplish the 100 push ups in seven weeks.

Check it out: The strategy on this site is have you do a fit test to see how many you can do initially, then they give you a plan in order to accomplish your push up goals. Well my fit test I did pretty good, I was able to bypass the first two weeks and start on week three. I started today. They have you do 5 different sets for my level. It was broken down like this: Set 1: 10 push ups, Set 2: 12 push ups, Set 3 & 4: 7 push ups, and Set 5: 9 push ups, after each set you rest 60 seconds. I accomplished the first day test which equalled 45 total. Although not consecutive, this is a plan towards my goal, which I'm excited about. They want you to do it 3 times a week, with each day during the week, the push ups increase for each set. So I have a renewed vision and well on my way to my push up goal.

U Goal Girl Challenge: If you have reached a plateau and it seems like you are stuck at the same place, try something different and/or talk to someone that is doing something you would like to accomplish. They may give you a different perspective and you can see the finish line of the goal.

Talk to you soon,

Your "Goal Girl"


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