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Don't Judge a Cake by the Outside


Monday, September 8, 2014

I was visiting my mother a couple of Sunday's ago and she mentioned to me not to judge a person by the outside. I  recall looking over at a delicious cherry cream cheese pound cake my mom made and asked could I have a slice. She said sure, but that cake had fallen so it might not look the same as normal. My mom was initially concerned when she took the cake out that it wasn't cooked all the way through. But when she cut into it she was pleasantly surprised because the cake was fully cooked. I said it looked normal to me and it still looked like it would taste good. Even though it was a simple lesson on that Sunday afternoon it actually followed me throughout the day, which was don't judge a book by the cover.

Earlier at church I was sitting next to a woman that I had never met. At first she seemed a little cold to me. I almost didn't want to introduce myself, but I did. She also introduced herself and that was pretty much it. Later that night at church she comes over to me and asked me the name of a song we sang earlier that day in choir. I told her and while we talking she seemed to open up more, smile and laugh with me. Maybe she was just shy earlier that day and that is why she was more reserved, but by the end of the conversation she said she may even join the choir. That was lesson #1 for the day. Had I judged that woman I would not have found out how sweet she was, she seemed to be just a little shy.

Later that night I experienced lesson #2 while at church I saw a woman that I have known for years. She is very sweet and by looking at her you would think what problems could she possibly have. She ended up sitting next to me and she was crying. She asked me how was I doing and I told her great and how excited I was about the new year. Then she said that she had a horrible three years and that she had walked away from God in her heart. But this particular night, God touched her and she felt how much God loved her. This lesson taught me that you may think you are the only one that has problems and really dealing with anything, but I saw this woman that appeared to be strong, had actually been broken in her heart for the last few years.

The lesson of the fallen cake was when you see people, you don't know what's going on the inside. They could be the most godly person inside and had a bad day. They could have suffered a great loss or lost a job. No matter what goes on in life always love people and believe the best about others. Because you may be pleasantly surprised when you get to know people because they just may be sweet on the inside and out.

Until we meet again.

Your "goal girl"


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